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Jane Uttley

I founded The Ravensvale Group in March 1998. As an Australian I wanted to share my family’s passion for Australian wines with wine drinkers in the US. I visited the US on several occasions in the mid 1990’s and found that the only Australian wines available were either lower end wines and although few and far between some very expensive wines. I felt that there was a golden opportunity to fill the void between the two, so early 1998 I packed my bags and headed for New York.

Now, over thirteen years later The Ravensvale Group Portfolio is exciting and diverse, with wines from 10 of the premium wine growing regions of Australia. All the wines in the portfolio are from well established wineries with excellent reputations for quality and value. These wines are predominantly hand-crafted limited production estate grown wines.

In 2006 I decided to start importing Spanish wines. My love affair with Spain and everything Spanish began when I was a little girl. I was only eighteen months old when my parents took me to Spain for the first time. I can’t say I remember but my mother tells me I had a good time. The story gets better...my parents used my baby basket with me in it to smuggle a dozen bottles of Spanish wine back to England where we were living at the time. I became an infant wine smuggler at the ripe old age of one. Fortunately we were not caught.

After much consideration, 10 years after founding my import business I made a strategic decision to start my own Wine distributorship in Florida. In January 2008 Unfiltered Unfined Wines was born. Our warehouse and offices are located in Fort Myers and we deliver statewide. When I started the business in 2008 it was just me and now I am fortunate to have over 20 people as part of my team. We carry wines from all over the world including California, Oregon, Washington, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Italy and France. We are proud to represent Orin Swift and Martine’s Wines exclusively in Florida.
Carmella Westran
Chief Operating Officer

Jaime Smith
Sales Anaylst

Jessica Peterson
State Sales Coordinator

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